Meet the inimitable Dawn Bates: prolific author, human rights activist, and a personal and business mentor that gets the most incredible results in a ...View Details

When Jo's daughter was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors started asking for family medical history, Jo realised how little they actually knew abou...View Details

Shari Ware spent almost her entire life morbidly obese. By the time she left High School, she weighed 100kgs. At her maximum weight, she was over 180 ...View Details

Amrit Kendrick shares her knowledge on yoga, why yoga helps with things like menopause, the effects that it has on the body, and what you can do to he...View Details

Imagine if your daughter went to the local town to find some casual work and ended up being held hostage, gang raped by four men then being forced to...View Details

Bringing a bit of pizazz back into our relationships can sometimes seem a bit, um, tricky, but Ingrid Galloway has come up with a unique and intriguin...View Details

When Kylie decided to get back on the dating scene when she was in her mid-40's, she knew that unless she got some help, she was never going to find t...View Details

Why Community is Crucial

I think that we often forget just how important community is to us and we're left feeling isolated and alone. Listen to how this woman - Casey Zhang -...View Details

As if menopause wasn't bad enough, can you imagine going through it in your EARLY THIRTIES? Think about the implications: no kids, no hormones, a comp...View Details

Menopause isn't a topic for discussion until it hits, and then we're full of questions. In the first of a series about menopause, find out a little ab...View Details

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