What on earth are Twin Flames? And why are narcissistic men are often one half of a Twin Flame? Find out what happened to have Victoria believe that ...View Details

You know how sometimes you just feel completely drained of energy, both emotional and physical? Well, all you need to do is jingle your spoons! Listen...View Details

I asked Victoria a question: why did my daughter lose her creative flair in the space of a few months? and I discovered a whole new level of understan...View Details

Elizabeth Ann Walker ended up in a wheelchair after a series of bungled operations. A few years later, she's out of the wheelchair - permanently - and...View Details

How To Spot A Toxic Coach

It's not always easy to spot a toxic coach, whether that's a life coach or a sports coach, but when you do spot it and you realise the extent of the t...View Details

Chiara is a professional Success & Mindset Coach as a Proctor Gallagher Consultant and specialises in Energy Healing, Vibrational Alignment, Essen...View Details

Feng Shui isn't a kind of interior design and it can make a huge difference to people's lives. If you're looking to change direction or even find a ne...View Details

In 2015, my eldest daughter was thrown from two different horses in the space of three weeks. After spending months trying to convince doctors that sh...View Details

Join me in conversation with Karly Nimmo, podcaster extraordinaire and all round amazing person, for a fabulous conversation about how to believe you'...View Details

For eight years, Ryan tried to communicate something to his mother, but she didn't hear it. Whilst it was nothing terrible, even as a grown man, he's ...View Details

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